October 26, 2021


Cricket Square Koroing

Woodward Turf Care carry out a full cricket square renovation service including koroing and laser grading.

Our Koro field topmaker is ideal for rejuvenating worn, uneven cricket squares. It can be used for removing saddles, severe thatch or all the vegetation on a square. It can work from 5-50mm deep and leaves a flat, clean surface ready for applying top dressing and reseeding.

If we can be of assistance with your cricket pitch renovation requirements, we would be delighted to hear from you - Call us directly on 01455 220767


Our Koro Field Top Maker is used to remove the vegetation from the surface of the square. 


Top Dressing, Laser Grading then Seeding

Top dressing of the same type of loam used in the construction of the square is spread to replace the soil taken away when koroing. A light cultivation is then carried out to help mix the old and newly applied loam. The square is laser graded to perfect the levels before seed and fertiliser are applied. 


Cricket Square after work carried out

The newly renovated square is left flat and firm.