October 26, 2021


Sand/Gravel Slit Drainage

Woodward Turf Care can carry out all your secondary drainage needs. Sand/Gravel Slit drainage is used on sports turf to improve drainage where a primary piped drainage system is already in place. The Sand/Gravel slit drains intercept the surface water and move it rapidly into the primary pipe drains.

It is usually carried out at between 250 and 350mm deep, 50mm wide and at 1 or 2 metre centres. The trench is usually back-filled with 2-6mm gravel and topped off with a sports ground sand.


The picture below shows Woodward Turf Care carrying out secondary drainage at 1m centres.

Woodward Turf Care Ltd - Secondary Drainage.jpeg

The pictures below show Woodward Turf Care carrying out sand/gravel slit drainage on a Rugby pitch at 0.5m spacings.Woodward-Turf-Care-Secondary-Drainage-3_-_Copy.jpg

The picture below is the same pitch 12 weeks later.