Hire Services

Koro Field TopMaker with Terraplane Rotor

Our 2.5m Koro Field Topmaker fitted with Terraplane Rotor can be used for removing poa annua and thatch build up or the entire turf up to 5cm deep. While stripping the turf it also removes any surface irregularities resulting in a smoother more even playing surface.

The Terraplane rotor is ideal for Fraise mowing leaving  a smooth, clean finish.

Woodward Turf Care Ltd - Fraise Mowing.jpeg



Dakota Laser Grader

Our 2.4m Dakota Laser Grader with ripping tines is fitted with Trimble LR50 recievers and uses a Trimble GL722 laser for dual grade laser grading.




2.5m & 2.2m Vredo Disc Overseeder

Our 2.2m and 2.5m Vredo Disc Overseeders both have a very narrow seed spacing of 75mm.

The 2.2m requires a tractor of 50hp+ and the 2.5m 70hp+.



Shelton 6t Fast Flow Sand & Gravel Hopper

The Shelton Fast-Flow Hopper will help you to quickly and efficiently back-fill drainage trenches with both gravel and sand.