Fraise Mowing & Koroing


Fraise Mowing

 This is carried out with our Koro fitted with Terraplane Rotor to remove unwanted surface material such as Poa Annua, thatch or weeds.


Fraise Mowing encourages the re-generation of the existing ryegrasses resulting in a stronger, more hard wearing playing surface.

The picture below is a football pitch at the start of the season after Fraise Mowing, applying sand topdressing and overseeding.




Our Koro Field Top Maker can used for removing the entire turf up to 5cm deep.Woodward-Turf-Care-Ltd-Koro.jpeg

While stripping the turf it also removes any surface irregularities resulting in a smoother more even playing surface. Once the vegetation has been removed the surface can be cultivated, laser graded and reseeded.

The pictures below show a football pitch after Koroing, Laser Grading & Seeding and again after 8 weeks.